Renegade Bag

I really really love sewing bags. It is pretty much my new favorite thing to sew. It can be so overwhelming trying to find a new patterns though. I have mainly been sticking to patterns from because they are fantastic. There is a comfort level in knowing they are well written and include a lot of pictures to ensure that it is easy to follow. I paid for and downloaded a few patterns from different places and couldn’t understand them. It’s incredibly frustrating to find a pattern that you love the way the project looks, but you can’t follow the pattern.

I saw a photo of the Renegade Bag on social media and fell in love. I was really hesitant to purchase the pattern because of past experiences, however, I couldn’t find anything else I liked so I took the plunge and paid for it anyway.

A few things helped me through with the decision though. 1. Sew Sweetness offers Acrylic templates as an add on to your purchase. I went ahead and bought them because I typically make the purses I love more than once. The acrylic pattern templates made it so much easier to trace the pieces to cut. 2. You can also add on a video tutorial to walk you through making the bag. I can’t speak for the tutorial because I didn’t purchase it. My plan was to purchase it if I couldn’t follow the printed version of the pattern. I didn’t need the walk through in the end.

I made the bag twice so far. The first version I made I used glitter vinyl (purchased from sew sweetness) and tula pink fabric.

The bag is pretty big. Aside from a purse it would make a great overnight bag for your kids or even a fun dance bag!

Like I said, I purchased the glitter vinyl from Sew Sweetness as well and it was really easy to use. I also purchased the amazing rainbow zipper and zipper pulls seen on this bag from the shop as well! It was perfect for this bag!

I made a second bag using this pattern as well, but it didn’t turn out quite as planned. I wanted a Southwestern design, and I think I got that look, but the ombre fabric didn’t quite work out as planned. The pocket panel didn’t work out as great on the dark side of the bag.

So, I did change a few things about the pattern when I made my bags. On the rainbow bag I added one slip pocket to the outside of the bag and I added an extra zipper pocket to the inside lining.

On the Southwestern bag I added two slip pockets to the outside and again added an extra zipper pocket to the inside lining of the bag.

If you would like to make this bag you can purchase the pattern here.

Happy Sewing!

Bye for now.

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