Quilts, and Bags, And More… OH MY!

As crazy as this year has been it really feels like it flew by. I have been so busy this month! I had so many projects I wanted to complete, and I honestly still have so many more planned. I feel like that is a crafters’ main dilemma. What project do we complete first… and will we ever have time for them all!?

This first project is random, but I love to draw and sketch so I started playing around in some iPad apps with my apple pencil and made this cute little design. It makes me smile! I really want to want to get it put on a mug!

My first Christmas project was the amazing Christmas Tree Wall hanging that came in my October Precuts Quilt Box. You can check out the unboxing HERE. This wall hanging was really fun to piece together and the instructions were very clear. I really love how it turned out.

My next Christmas themed project was this cute little Christmas tree. My husband made the stand for me and the fabric came in my Jenny’s Countdown to Christmas from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

If you would like to make this Christmas tree I put together a quick tutorial on Youtube.

Another Project that is Christmas themed also came from my Countdown to Christmas Advent box!

You can watch this project come together here:

It was a really fun block to put together and I think it would make a wonderful quilt!

I just love making Christmas themed projects! This pillow project came in my Countdown box as well, however, it wasn’t presented in a style I like. The appliques were actually gnomes, which just isn’t my favorite design. So, I recreated it into something I like. I actually used my Cricut to recut the applique pieces.

I really think the Snowman turned out really cute! And it looks great with my Christmas Quilt!

Here is a link to my Cricut Project.

The last project I made from the countdown box is some simple zipper pouches. They were so easy to make and the cute zippers really set the design apart from other pouches.

I walked through making these pouches here:

If you would like watching everything I received in the Countdown to Christmas box here is a link to the playlist!

Alright, so now you can see why I was so busy! And those projects are just a few of the things I have been working on!

I finally finished this fun quilt for my sister!

I love the fun and crazy squares in the middle of this quilt!

I also made a purse. I really want to work on my bag making skills! Practice makes perfect right!?

By the way, this purse pattern is a free download on Bagstock. HERE is a link.

The pattern for this bag was so easy to follow! If you have a strong understanding of basic sewing skills I really feel like you could take on this purse pattern since it is so thorough and detailed.

I also completed some fun easy projects. I made a notebook cover, but tried to make it a little more interesting by fussy cutting the notebook sleeves! I think it really made it a little more fun with that simple touch.

I have so many fun projects to come! The New Year is going to be so exciting! I purchased a wallet kit from Emmaline bags and will have a walk through of that kit and a review of the pattern coming soon.

I also received the Accuquilt Go cutter system for Christmas and have a few quilts planned for that!

My unboxing and first thoughts are available to watch now! The scrappy quilt video will be coming soon.

Wow this became a long update post! I will try to keep up with my project updates more frequently in the New Year!

Bye for now.

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