What do you think?

Hmmm… You know how much I typically love my PreCuts Quilt Shop subscription box. This one just didn’t do it for me. I hate do say it because I really do love this subscription, but, I will always try to be honest. Maybe I am being to hard on this one?

Lasts months kit was simply amazing though! Maybe that is why this one is just… eh…

So, lets dive in!

Instead of a box in a bag… this time we got a bag in a bag!

It was packaged nicely so I started off really excited!

If you prefer watching the unboxing you can check out the video here:

Otherwise, let’s take a look at what came in this box.

First up was this mask panel. It came complete with instructions which is really handy. It just wasn’t something I would use.

Next up was a tin mug.

I think the mug is really cute, but is hardly worth the price tag attributed to it, which I believe was $12. It is dollar store quality at best. Will I use it, sure, It will look adorable holding my scissors and other sewing notions… but $12… nope.

Next up! The Fabric!

The fabric is gorgeous as always! I can always use a nice fat roll of layer cake material! No complaints here at all!

I will always adore floral fabrics, especially when you have a few coordinating geometric patterns thrown in. this is a great line of fabric.

The pattern is perfect as well!

Thread is always welcome too!

But, when you see my reaction to the first packaged I received in Jenny’s Countdown to Christmas. You can see my excitement for something so simple far surpasses this box. They can’t all be the October box I guess!

Bye for now.

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