The Best Box YET!!!

Maybe I have said it before… I probably have… and I probably will again! But seriously! I was so happy with this box!

I opened my box to find the pamphlet that lets me know everything that came in the box and the pricing for it all.

The first thing I saw was the sewing gift set.

In this set is a tape measure, scissors, heart shaped thread cutter, thimble, and a vial with needles! The set has a really vintage look to it and I really love it!

Next I came upon the pattern!

I was so excited to see a Christmas pattern since I haven’t decided on one to work on yet!


All of the fabric to complete the pattern was provided in the box!

The charm pack.

The background fabric.

The border.

The binding.

The backing.

And yes, even the scrap of fabric for the Christmas tree trunk!

This is why I love this box so so much! I love that so many of the boxes I have received have everything I need for the project!

The last item in the box was the thread.

The thread is a beautiful color, but I do wish it was something that went well with everything else in the box.

So tell me, what did you think of this box!?

If you are interested in subscribing to this box… you can look at the information HERE.

Bye for now.

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