Free iPhone Wristlet Tutorial

Okay… Does anyone else constantly mistreat their phones? It can’t possibly just be me!

I really love how big these new phones are because they are basically mini tablets. You can do everything on them. However, the downfall is that they are a pain to carry. If women’s clothing came with proper pockets this wouldn’t be a huge issue, but, as it stands, we have miniature pockets or fake pockets.

So, you either carry a purse or you risk holding your phone. Which, for me, leads to dropping it… or worse, you set it down to look at an item in a store and never pick it up.

To hopefully solve my first world problems I decided to design a little wristlet. And, because I can’t possibly be the only person with this problem I decided to share my design!

What you need

To make cutting easier you may want a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and acrylic ruler.

  • main fabric (for outside of bag)
  • lining fabric (for inside of bag)
  • batting scraps ( optional)
  • midweight interfacing
  • 1″ D ring
  • 1″ key fob hardware
  • 5″ zipper
  • 9″ zipper
  • basic sewing supplies

Prep work

Follow the image above for measurements to cut your fabric, batting (if using), and the interfacing.

Bag Assembly

I created a YouTube video to show the steps to assemble this cute iPhone wristlet!

Thanks for stopping by! I would love for you to leave me a comment if you plan to use this pattern or have already!

Bye for now.

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