Two Layer Cake Quilt Ideas

I absolutely love using precut fabric. If you need to put a quilt together quickly then precuts are a great option because you will only have minimal measuring and cuts to make… if any at all!

Another reason I love precuts… They are already coordinated.

For these two projects I used fabric from my two favorite subscription boxes! It just so happens they both sent a layer cake from the same fabric line!

Here is my unboxing of Bloomington from the Precuts Quilt Shop: HERE.

Here is my unboxing of Bloomington from the Fat Quarter Shop: HERE.

I love Moda fabrics and this Bloomington line is probably one of my favorites! I love floral fabrics and this line is a beautiful mixture of flowers and patterns. The colors are absolutely gorgeous too!

Framed Layer Cakes

This framed layer cake quilt is so beautiful! It is a great way to highlight fabric that you really love.

First you will choose 12 layer cakes to highlight!

Then choose 9 layer cakes to use as a border around the layer cakes. I chose only dark layer cakes so that my highlighted squares will really pop!

Cut each of these 9 layer cakes into 2.5″ strips. You will get 4 strips from each layer cake. You will end up with 36 strips, but you will only use 35 of them.

Plan out the quilt by laying out the fat quarters and the strips.

Sew the vertical columns together and press the seams as you work.

Sew your columns together.

Note: Your strip column may be a littler shorter than your other columns. I just trimmed when I finished sewing!

I really love how this quilt top turned out!

Building Blocks

This building block quilt is a little twist on a simple patchwork quilt. The longer rectangular blocks add a little extra interest since all the squares aren’t the same size.

This quilt comes together so quickly since you don’t have as many seams to line up when sewing the columns together!

Start by pairing layer cakes together and draw a line down the middle of your layer cake.

Next you will sew a 1/4″ seam along both sides of the line.

Cut along the line you drew!

Keep some of the new blocks as two rectangles, but you will need to cut a few in half again!

Press the seams.

After you have completed a nice variety of blocks start planning out your quilt.

Sew together the quilt top in columns. I pin the seams to keep them lined up nicely. Press your seams.

After sewing all the columns sew them together as well.

This is such a beautiful quilt top! The gorgeous fabric from Moda sure did help make this simple quilt top so beautiful!

Let me know what your favorite precuts are!

Bye for now.

2 responses to “Two Layer Cake Quilt Ideas”

  1. I love pre-cuts also! Can’t say that I have a favorite pre-cut, my problem is I’m a fabric hoarder! I really like both of the layouts you showed today — I’m slowly starting to get my sewing mojo back and new some quick ideas for gifts — thank you so much for sharing ♥♥


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