My Favorite Sew Sampler Box!

Admittedly I have said that the PreCuts Quilt Shop Subscription box is my favorite, and it really still is. However, it really is hard to fairly compare the Sew Sampler box from the Fat Quarter Shop subscription to the PreCuts Quilt Shop box since there is a big price difference.

The Fat Quarter shop box is about half the price of the PreCuts box at $25 plus shipping.

I really love both the boxes, but, usually each month I claim the PreCuts Quilt Shop box to have sent the best stuff!

This August box from the Fat Quarter Shop has hands down been my favorite box from them to date! The fabric is beautiful and I love the notions as well!

My August box arrived looking just as beautiful as always!

Upon opening I saw the sleeve that gives a little hint about the theme of the box.

I pulled the sleeve back and saw a cute mini rotating cutting mat!

The mat is a little stiff right now and hard to turn… but, I can always use extra cutting surfaces! I also really love rotating cutting mats for trimming blocks.

Under the mat I saw the fabric that came in this box! I was so surprised to see two charm packs! The fabric is absolutely gorgeous! There are great colors and patterns in this set!

I also received some crazy quilt paper. I have actually never used quilt paper before so I am really excited to give this a try!

Since I haven’t used quilt paper before I was happy to see the packaging provides easy to follow instructions.

Also in my box… Needles! I can always use needles!

Here is the pattern that came in this box. I am pretty picky about patterns and this one looks really fun!

The pattern also uses the Crazy Quilt Paper so I am really glad the box included that set since the pattern uses it!

And, aside from the pamphlet that details everything in this box I also received the Greatest Hits pattern.

Here is a look at everything in the August 2020 Sew Sampler box.

I have been really happy with all my Sew Sampler shipments, but this one is by far my favorite!

If you are interested in signing up you can check out the subscription HERE.

My PreCuts quilt shop box should get here soon! If you would like to see that unboxing be sure to subscribe to my channel!

Bye for now.

2 responses to “My Favorite Sew Sampler Box!”

  1. The August box was a favorite of mine also! I had just put the 5 inch crazy patch papers in my cart and was super happy see them in the subscription box. Normally I do my own thing with the fabric but this time I’m definitely making the pattern included.


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