Alternating Triple Row Block

I hope you had fun making your Monday block! I absolutely love Buffalo Plaid.

So, let’s get into Tuesday’s Block.

I love making this block because it comes together so quickly.  Use a jellyroll to make it come together even faster.  You can also add interest by arranging alternating rows in different ways.  You have so many options!  I will share a few different layout options later in this post.

What you need

For one block you will just need three different shades of fabric.  We will be cutting the fabric into 2.5″ strips.

I am using the same fabric that I used on the Monday Block.


This design works well with any colors that look nice together.  You will just want three different fabrics that you love!


To make just one block cut your 2.5″ strips into 13″ long strips.  You will want two 13″ long strips from each fabric.


Organize and sew

Lay out your strips so that you make sure you sew them together in the correct order.


I chose to organize them from light to dark.

Once you have sewn them all together you will want to press your seams.

Cut into squares

Now that you have everything sewn you will need to cut your rows down to size.

You will be cutting the strips into 6.5″ squares.

Organize your block

You are in the home stretch! Didn’t this block come together quickly!?

Now we will organize the squares into the final block and sew.

This is also where you will have options!
Here is the way I organize my block.


Here are some other options.

The layout that looks best may depend on the fabrics you chose or just your personal taste!  Have fun here!

When you settle on a layout sew your squares together to finish your block and press your seams!


Remember your final block will measure about 12.5″.  If you want to turn your block into a quilt the finished size will be about 12″.  So, keep that in mind when you plan out your quilt to figure out sizing and number of blocks needed for your quilt top.


Here are the two free block patterns so far!


I hope you have fun making this block! It is so easy! Sometimes I really love making a quilt out of blocks that come together really fast. It can be so satisfying.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you get each block this week.

Bye for now.


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