Free Motion Quilting Struggles


My comfort zone when it comes to actually quilting my quilts is following the seams and/or just quilting in straight lines.

This year, I really wanted to learn how to free motion quilt.  I love how free motion quilting opens up so many possibilities to showcasing the design and patch-working of your quilt top.

But wow.  I am really struggling. I am not sure if I rush to fast… or what exactly I am doing wrong.

So, leave me your tips!  Are there any videos on YouTube you recommend I watch!  Give me your advice! I am all ears!

Wish me luck as I continue this project!

Bye for now.

2 responses to “Free Motion Quilting Struggles”

  1. I too struggle with FMQ, it took me a while to get comfortable just doing the stippling stitch! Angela Walters,Leah Day and Lori Kennedy are great FMQ teachers. To get started I would recommend Angela’s Dot to Dot class(es) on Bluprint.


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